ThinTanks wish to expand the use of their patented manufacturing process throughout many countries and are seeking to license companies interested in manufacturing and marketing their International range of slimline tanks which include the following

At ThinTanks we are industry leads in manufacturing doorway tanks with a unique patented connector and modular system that our customers love. With manufacturers in Australia, New Zealand & South Africa we are always on the lookout for new manufacturers.

  • Doorway Rainwater ThinTanks
  • Septic ThinTanks
  • Cartage ThinTanks

Slimline Rainwater

The thought of having to install a circular rainwater tank in the backyard of a modern home led to the conclusion there was a need for a more environmentally appealing solution. The obvious answer was to make a rainwater tank that looked like a fence.

Designed for easy installation & space saving, ThinTanks™ Slimline Rainwater Tanks are the thinnest available water tank for any capacity.

View our range of Doorway Rainwater Tanks:


View our range of Septic & Cartage ThinTanks:


Our range are the thinnest & strongest available water tanks in the industry

Manufactured from high quality food grade UV stabilised polyethylene & FEA Tested

We proudly engineer & design our ThinTanks to meet international standards

Quick & Easy installation single ThinTank storage solution or in an array

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We offer the strongest and thinnest modular doorway tanks in the industry. If you are interested to work with us please reach out

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