ThinPots Installation

The options are endless when it comes to turning your tank into a Vertical Garden System with our ThinPots!

ThinPots are designed to hang on the front of the ThinTanks™ by clipping directly onto the irrigation pipe that is supported by concealed clips inserted into the cross wall connection voids in the ThinTanks™.

ThinPots Vertical Garden System have a penetration at the top and in the middle of the pot to allow for an irrigation dripper to be installed and have two small drainage holes in the bottom.

There are two different types of ThinPots depending on which size tank you choose.
Download our handy PDF Installation Guides below.

If you live in the Adelaide metro and would like us to install your ThinPots for you, please get in contact.

ThinPots for 1000L Tank

ThinPot Installation Guide for 1000L Tank (PDF Opens In A New Window)

ThinPots for 1333L, 2000L, 2000L Fat & 4000L Tanks

ThinPot Installation Guide for 1333L, 2000L, 2000L Fat and 4000L Tanks (PDF Opens In A New Window)

ThinPot FAQs

How are ThinPots attached to ThinTanks?

ThinPots are hung on the face of the ThinTank by removing the existing cross wall connector plugs from the ThinTank and inserting the ThinPot connector. The ThinPot connectors are designed to have standard 13mm irrigation black poly pipe clipped onto them. The ThinPots have a rolled top lip that slip over the 13mm pipe.

Can Thinpots be installed without a ThinTank?

Yes it is possible to install ThinPots directly onto a fence or a wall using clamps to connect the 13mm poly tube to any suitable surface. Check out the photos in the Gallery.

We are also working on a free standing ThinPot Vertical Garden System and a further system to create a Vertical Garden privacy screen for patios and balconies.

How long does it take to install the ThinPot Vertical Garden system?

Installation of a single row of 7 ThinPots on a ThinTank should only take about 20 minutes, excluding irrigation pipework and system connection and the planting of the pots. Installation of a 4 x 3 ThinPot Vertical Garden System on a fence (12 pots in total - see photo in Gallery) should only take about 40 minutes including a simple irrigation pipework system with connection for garden hose.